Adjunct Professor | Guei-Jane Wang

Adjunct Faculty
China Medical University Hospital | Medical Research Apartment | Researcher

Research Expertise:cardiovascular pharmacology, arteriolosclerosis, Chinese herbal medicine of Metabolic Syndrome development

Office : 3rd Floor, Cancer Building
Tel : 04-22052121#7302

Adjunct Professor | I-Jong Wang

Adjunct Faculty
National Taiwan University Hospital | Ophthalmology Department | Chief
National Taiwan University | Ophthalmology Department | Professor

research expertise:ophthalmology 

Adjunct Professor | TANG-LONG SHEN

Adjunct Faculty
National Taiwan University | Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology | Professor

research expertise:Signal transduction, Cytobiology, Cancer biology

Adjunct Professor | ZIH-EN LIN

Adjunct Faculty

research expertise:Animal experiment:management of animal housing, surveillance of illness,analyses of pathology & pathogenesis, establishment of animal model

Tel : 04-22053366#1522 fax:04-22333641

Chair Professor | De-Maw Chuang

Chair Professor
Academia Sinica Academician
Principal Investigator, National Institute of Mental Health, USA 

research expertise:neuropharmacology, neurodegenerative disorder, neurobiology of psychiatric disorder

Adjunct Associate Professor | DONG-RONG HONG

Adjunct Faculty
China Medical Univrsity Hospital | Director of Trauma and Emergency Center Toxicology Division

research expertise:Poisoning prevention, Environmental occupational disease, Chinese herbal medicine poisoning, Toxicological examination, Internal medicine, Toxicology

Office : 3rd Floor, Cancer Building
Tel : 04-22052121#7311

Jointly Appointed Professor | Gregory J. Tsay

Jointly Appointed
School of Medicine (Department of Internal Medicine) Professor

research expertise: autoimmunity, rheumatology and immunology, basic medical science, clinical medicine

Office : Yingcai Campus, Mutual Aid Building, 6F
Tel : 04-22053366 ext.5803

Adjunct Associate Professor | MING-RU WU

Adjunct Faculty
Taichung Veterans General Hospital | Director of Division of Nephrology of Medicine Department

research expertise:Internal medicine, Nephrology, Dialysis, Renal transplantation, Molecular biology, Medical education

Adjunct Professor | Shao-Chih Chiu

Adjunct Faculty
China Medical University Hospital | Deputy Director of Translational Cell Therapy Center副主任

research expertise:Research Interests, Inflammatory response & mechanisms, regulation of TNF-alpha expression, microRNA, gliomas

Office : 8th Floor, Cancer Center
Tel : 04-22052121#7829

Jointly Appointed Professor | Suh-Hang Juo

Jointly Appointed
Institute of New Drug Development Professor

research expertise: Human genetics, Epigenomics, Stroke, Myopia genetics

Office : Yingcai Campus, Medical Building, 4F
Tel : 04-22053366 ext.2211