The College of Medicine at the China Medical University (CMU) places a strong emphasis on postgraduate research training at the master and doctoral levels. At its core, the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences is host to faculty members coming from diverse research backgrounds, including: biochemistry and cell biology, neuroscience, microbiology and immunology, oncology, and clinical research. In addition to traditional post-graduate training, the college offers MD-MSc and MD-PhD training programs to undergraduate medical school students. Selected medical school students not only get early exposure to research, but are also supported financially via tuition-waver and a monthly stipend to cover the cost of living. Moreover, through collaboration with elite national research institutions like the National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) and Academia Sinica, the College of Medicine at CMU offers three specialized training programs, the PhD program for Aging, the PhD program for translational medicine, and the PhD program for Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery, whereby students benefit from joint mentorship by advisors from this college and the collaborating institution. While foreign students are welcome to apply to any of our postgraduate research program, they are especially encouraged to apply to the newly established International Master’s Program in Biomedical Sciences (IMPBS) to receive dedicated training from experienced advisors.